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CHILDREN's Sessions

As each day goes by, your precious child grows and changes. You have been able to see so many firsts and watched their personality grow giving you a sense of who they will become. Toddlers are fast and busy exploring the world around them. I enjoy sparking your child’s interest with their favorite toys or just letting them explore outdoors. And don’t forget to capture the teen years and everything in between.

This is such a fun time as a parent to remember. Your child’s personality and interest are growing stronger. Sometimes at this stage they are wearing braces, or they started doing their own hair or maybe they have a unique sense of style now. Don’t let these memories slip away. Let’s capture each amazing milestone along their journey! 



What to expect in a children's session...

Children’s sessions tend to be shorter and move quickly so that we can be sure to keep them engaged during their session. I often let children take the lead during a session and shoot based on their initial cues and interests. My experience of working in childcare also helps me to connect with each child and allows them to freely express themselves as naturally as possible. Don’t worry about the tantrums, the tears, or the chaos. It always turns into a beautiful memory. 

Let's Make memories

"The most precious jewels you'll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children." ~Unknown